How to use Gurạdji

Using Gurạdji in a modern diet is only limited by your imagination. It’s mild nutty sweat flavour makes it great for just anything. Especially when many leafy superfoods have very strong flavours that require a bit of getting used to.

Gurạdji’s main use is as a tisane. A tisane is an infusion that has medicinal and or therapeutic effects. So heating water to around 85 Deg C (or when the small bubbles start in your kettle) allows for a much richer flavour without destroying the medicinal properties. Gurạdji can be drunk hot or cold and makes for a fantastic sugar free iced tea.

Brewing Gurạdji as a sun tea is also a fun way to maximise the beneficial compounds. Simply take a handful of leaves and put them in a clear glass jug of 1 litre of water. Leave it in the sun for 4 hours and enjoy the brew.

GURBUCHI: (Gurạdji Kombucha)
Unlike many herbal infusions, Gurạdji can be brewed into a fantastic kombucha. Known as Gurbuchi. Because of its high tanins and polyphenols, Gurạdji brews and ferments perfectly well without the need for black or green tea.

Gurạdji can be blended finely or left as is and used on salads, in smoothies or in cooking for its unique insoluble fibre and its benefits to gut health.

By putting your used Gurạdji leaves in a body cloth and washing your body whilst in the shower or even putting them directly in your bath. The presence of inositol makes it great for skin ailments and leaves your skin feeling soft, and rejuvenated.
The high anti-inflammatory properties of Gurạdji help with any topical skin condition and inflamation.