Gurạdji is one of Australia’s most powerful superfoods. It has been used traditionally over thousands of generations for its health and medicinal benefits.

Gurạdji is a traditional native Australian plant that only grows in certain areas across of the country.

Gurạdji is uncommon because of its limited life cycle and specialised growing conditions but was well regarded by Aboriginal people for its powerful benefits.

Australian native superfoods are being seen as the true superfood. Unlike traditional foods which have undergone intensive agricultural development such as cross breading, hybridization and which have been genetically modified to enable large plentiful crops which have desired characteristics.

 In this process, combined with modern agricultures high use of pesticides and fertilizers, the nutritional content is greatly compromised.


Alternatively Native Australian bushfoods have remained untouched and in their natural state for many thousands of years. This means that they are much more nutritious and have much higher amounts of beneficial compounds which have been lost in our modern commercial foods.

The health and medicinal benefits of Gurạdji were well known to Australia’s Aboriginal people. Their spiritual and intricate knowledge and connection to the land, its plants and animals were highly regarded and respected. It was the wise elders (clever men) who maintained and passed on this knowledge.








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